Security Boutique™

Our key concept is Security Boutique™. Whatever we do, security considerations are always paramount.

From the cutting edge physical security of our production site, to the mandatory use of encrypted communications in any transfers or storage of sensitive data, to the strictest audit of material suppliers and in-house manufacturing processes, to the advanced security features of the products themselves, to tight security in storage, loading and transit of goods, and finally, the strictest confidentiality, we integrate security into every stage of order performance.

Whatever we do, it is service, quality and style that make us different. As with the best tailors of Savile Row, utmost attention is given to every detail. Every design feature, every product specification and every contract is expertly tailored to suit the customer. We aim to provide a premium service environment where the customer feels fully assured of the integrity of the supply process and the quality of the outcome. And then of course… The business is done sitting comfortably in leather armchairs around the coffee table, the flames of the old fireplace reflecting in Victorian glass panes, rain lashing outside. Our Security Boutique™ is about style. And the business is done among friends. Last but not least, our Security Boutique™ is about trust.