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Benefiting from our expertise in security holography and using only the most advanced holographic origination technologies, we combine and enhance these to create intrinsically secure images with overt, covert and forensic functionality. Our emphasis is on the visual aspect of our images where unique overt elements provide reliable first-line authentication by the non-specialist.

Synthegram® and Synthegram® Plus

Synthegram® is a novel security technology from Andrews & Wykeham ensuring the ultimate counterfeit resistance. Images generated by electron-beam lithography and optical lithography, combined with metallic, transparent and colour-switch features deliver a visual authentication device of unparalleled performance. Synthegram® Plus is an enhancement of the original Synthegram® technology, benefiting from futuristic 20-nanometre resolution super-e-beam, making available pioneering visual and covert features.

Augmented Reality

We have developed a machine-readable holographic feature, designed to generate complex augmented reality images on a smartphone or other smart device, including three-dimensional and animated images. The machine-readable feature, which is a part of the holographic image, comprises a special code with in-built anti-copy functionality, used to trigger the augmented reality app. The technology provides an easy and reliable machine-assisted authentication tool and is applicable to government documents and brand protection labels.


Chemical and laser demetallisation is a major security enhancement to any holographic product, enabling a wide array of counterfeit-proof features and integrating diffractive imagery with opaque and transparent artwork elements and codes implemented in metallised and transparent materials. Our HPMD (High Precision Micro-Demetallisation) technology with its high resolution and tight registration tolerances offers a further security upgrade.

Security print

Using both in-house and outsourced security printing capabilities, integrating a number of printing techniques from intaglio to screen and gravure, we focus on security printed features for labels, passport and ID laminates and overlays. These comprise OVI (Optically Variable Ink), UV fluorescent, thermochromic, photochromic, IR fluorescent and other speciality print workings.

RFID, NFC and printed electronics

We use and integrate contactless RFID technology, NFC (Near Field Communication) devices and elements of advanced printed electronics into holographic and security printed materials to deliver smart machine-readable labels to the global marketplace, in particular, to the document authentication, vehicle identification and brand protection segments.

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