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Tracking each saleable item from its point of origin to the point of sale

THESEUS™ track & trace

The THESEUS™ system helps governments improve collection of excise duty on alcohol and cigarettes and helps brands minimise counterfeit of their products by enabling tracking of each saleable item from its point of origin to the point of sale. THESEUS™ uses patented anti-copy barcode (ACB) technology. Printed on tracking labels using an ultra-high-resolution digital press, the code substantially degrades when scanned or photocopied in an attempt to create a counterfeit tracking label, resulting in a ‘Fake’ reading. THESEUS™ uses a proprietary smartphone app (iOS, Android) to authenticate the ACB and retrieve product information from the cloud server. The THESEUS™ platform includes a desktop interface providing administrative tools, reports and statistics and a ‘heatmap’ of recent code checks. The physical security of the tracking label is enhanced by using a holographic stripe. The hologram may include an augmented reality code, verified by the THESEUS™ app as further proof of authenticity. RFID or NFC tags can be used as alternative data carriers in some THESEUS™ applications.

solution designed to operate in challenging environments

ARGUS™ vehicle management

ARGUS™ is a system for vehicle management (registration and tracking) built on the WHIZDISC™ RFID windscreen label platform. The system includes vehicle/owner data capture, windscreen label personalisation, vehicle tracking and access control modules and can be augmented with or interface with road tax payment, MOT and insurance subsystems. An optional ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) module is available. ARGUS™ provides a reliable, cost-effective and flexible vehicle identification and vehicle tracking solution designed to operate in challenging environments.

entire ID program from enrolment to verification

ID card issuance

In cooperation with our valued partners, we able to offer small to medium range ID issuance solutions for government and corporate customers. These systems include security-printed ID cards ready for infilling; data capture equipment (cameras, document scanners, fingerprint scanners, etc.); personalisation machinery (card printers, laminators, laser engravers), smart card compatible if necessary; personalisation consumables (print ribbons, laminates, etc.); issuance software including biometric modules; database solutions; inspection and access control equipment (desktop and mobile biometric scanners, RFID readers, etc.). We can take care of your entire ID program requirement from enrolment to verification.

one-stop source for all event accreditation and security needs

Event accreditation and merchandise

The organisers of mass international sporting events and exhibitions are well aware of the risks presented by international terrorism, fraud, counterfeit and public health factors. These risks must be dealt with by deploying a robust event accreditation programme, a reliable system for access control and a solution for protecting event merchandise from counterfeit to prevent financial and reputational losses. We offer a complete event accreditation package including: secure event ID passes; holographic and security-printed laminates and pouches for event passes; lanyards; equipment, consumables and software for personalising event passes; barcode and RFID readers; wristbands, including smart wristbands; access control systems; anti-counterfeit protection for branded merchandise (holographic labels, track & trace). Andrews & Wykeham is your one-stop source for all your event accreditation and security needs.

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