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Brand protection labels

Security printed and holographic tamper-evident labels are used by brand owners to protect their products from counterfeit. Smart labels (carrying sequential numbers, barcodes or NFC tags) are also used to combat grey imports and product diversion. Our range of brand protection labels spans a wide variety of formats and materials – including tamper-evident PET, acetates, and frangible papers – ensuring tamper-evidence on diverse packaging substrates. These labels can utilise a variety of security devices such as high-resolution holographic images, colour-switch effects, demetallisation, detector-readable moiré coding, hi-tech sequential numbering and barcodes applied using laser evaporation technology, as well as NFC components.

Excise stamps

Excise stamps are used worldwide to protect government revenues from sales of cigarettes and alcohol. Applied to product packaging either as dry or self-adhesive paper labels, excise stamps are often quite sophisticated, resembling banknotes in miniature. A range of features - security paper and print, holographic stripes and secure numbering - are used to protect excise stamps from counterfeit. Barcodes are often used to provide machine readability within a track-and-trace environment, enabling control of product origin and product movement. Andrews & Wykeham supply a range of excise stamp formats from self-adhesive alcohol and beer stamps to dry paper stamps for the cigarette market.

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