Security Boutique™

Security for Governments, Brands and People

In today’s security and anti-counterfeit industry nothing is more important than trust built up through years of relationship. In a world that is buffeted by economic upheavals and where institutions which once seemed bedrocks of reliability fail spectacularly, only a solid business built on traditional values can provide the customer with peace of mind.

At Andrews & Wykeham this is how we run our security business. A quintessential English company located in the heart of Hampshire, we aim to provide a complete “trust channel” to the customer, supplying security products and solutions of the highest standard.

built on traditional values

Trust built up through years of relationship

With our extensive management experience in the world of international ID, banknote and security holography, we appreciate the demands and the sensitivities of this unique marketplace.

Founded in 2008, Andrews & Wykeham is now a well-established independent security products manufacturer and solutions provider, majority-owned by its management team. It is an export-oriented business with a global reach. Government and corporate customers in over a hundred countries worldwide benefit from using our products and solutions. These include passport laminates, ID cards and card holograms, visa labels, vehicle documents, excise stamps, brand protection labels and various security systems.

Combining tradition with innovation

Our products and solutions are designed to be cost-efficient, easy to use and upgradable, with the objective of maximising cost-benefits to our customers. We pride ourselves on technical creativity, quality, punctuality and personalised customer service. We strive to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Andrews & Wykeham is a truly global business

We are proud of the fact that more than sixty national governments worldwide have entrusted the manufacture of products critical for their national security to our company.

National Governments

Security considerations are always paramount

Security Boutique™

Our defining concept is Security Boutique™. Whatever we do, security considerations are always paramount.

Powering Innovation

Benefiting from our expertise in security and using only the most advanced origination technologies.

Conjunction of old and new

The traditional approach to business combined with the active development of novel security technologies and solutions.

Service, quality and style

Whatever we do, it is service, quality and style that make us different - utmost attention is given to every detail.

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