Security Solutions for Governments and Brands

In today’s security industry nothing is more important than trust forged through years of relationship.

In a world that is torn apart by economic upheavals and where institutions which once seemed bedrocks of reliability fail spectacularly, only a solid business built on traditional values can provide the customer with peace of mind.

At Andrews & Wykeham this is how we run our business. A quintessential English company located in the heart of Hampshire, we aim to provide a complete “trust channel” to the customer, supplying security products of the highest standard.

With our extensive management experience in the world of international ID, banknote and security holography, we appreciate the demands and the sensitivities of this unique marketplace.

Our offices are located in the beautiful Lutyens Building in the heart of Old Basing, Hampshire. Built in Tudor style by the famous English architect Edwin Lutyens in 1905 as the offices of the Daneshill Brick And Tile Works this listed building, which is a fine example of early XX-century English architecture, provides an ideal setting for our Security Boutique™.

Just behind the Lutyens Building is our secure manufacturing facility sited in a modern industrial complex. The combination of these two buildings somehow reflects the conjunction of old and new where Andrews & Wykeham is seen – the traditional approach to business combined with the active development of novel security technologies and solutions.