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WHIZDISC™ smart windscreen label

WHIZDISC™ is an RFID-enabled holographic self-adhesive windscreen label. A smart windscreen label can be used as an additional vehicle identifier (third number plate), to confirm that the vehicle is taxed, insured and has passed its technical inspection and to provide means of access control or monitoring the vehicle's movements. WHIZDISC™ combines holography, demetallisation, security print and a UHF RFID tag readable at up to ten meters by a fixed or hand-held reader. The RFID tag is encoded simultaneously with personalising the windscreen label via an RFID-compatible thermal-transfer printer. Simpler non-RFID versions of secure windscreen labels are also available.

HOLOPLATE™ high-security number plates

Andrews & Wykeham offers a breakthrough solution in number plate security. Our HOLOPLATE™ high-security number plate includes a metallised holographic patch embedded between the layers of the retro-reflective film, reliably protected against both tamper and environmental factors. This hologram can be personalised with the vehicle's registration number or VIN using laser evaporation after the number-plate has been assembled, embossed and printed. As a lower-cost alternative to HOLOPLATE™, we offer long-life holographic validation labels and chromium-metallised hot-stamping foil for number plate use.

Vehicle Registration Documents (VRD)

We supply Vehicle Registration Documents either as security printed paper documents or as plastic cards. Paper documents feature security print, holograms and secure sequential numbering and are optimised for laser or inkjet opersonalisation. VRD cards are usually made of polycarbonate, PVC, PET-G or composite materials. Manufactured in full compliance with the ISO 7810 quality standard, the VRD cards feature high-end security printing, embedded or surface-applied holograms and secure numbering. These cards are usually personalised with laser engraving, direct thermal or retransfer printing.

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