Our Technologies

Holography and Colourswitch

Benefiting from our expertise in security holography and using only the most advanced holographic and colourswitch technologies, we combine and enhance these to create intrinsically secure images with overt, covert and forensic functionality. Our emphasis is on the visual aspect of our images where unique overt elements provide reliable first-line authentication by the non-specialist. In particular, White™ achromatic kinetic images provide a highly technically-advanced and visually differentiated authentication tool. These technologies are applied to foils, laminates, threads and labels to create a range of security products.

Laser Engraving

Laser engraving gives an indelible secure signature, which cannot be altered by changing the composition of the plastic substrate in a controlled way. An Nd:YAG (neodymium-doped yttrium aluminium garnet) solid-state laser is used for creating transparent markings on metallised films, enabling numbering and barcodes on security labels and foils. CO2 gas lasers are used for marking polyurethane ear tags used for identifying and tracking livestock and also on cashbag seals.

Security Print

Using both in-house and outsourced security printing capabilities, combining and integrating a number of printing techniques from intaglio to screen and gravure, we focus on printed features for labels (visas, excise stamps, brand protection labels) and identity laminates and overlays. Integrating print with holography and colourswitch elements enables us to create highly secure products with multi-level features.


Andrews & Wykeham offers a unique security taggant for the banknote paper market. Secuwire™ security fibres enable a novel, deeply covert authentication methodology based on a unique magnetic signature. Advanced nanotechnology used in the manufacture of Secuwire™ makes their counterfeiting virtually impossible.