Vehicle Identification Products

Andrews & Wykeham supply security components for Driving Licences, Registration Documents, Windscreens and Number Plates.

HOLOPLATE™ High-Security Number Plate

HOLOPLATE™ is a breakthrough solution in number plate security. The retro-reflective film of this high-security number plate is embossed with a unique low frequency optical microstructure. This contrast-switching feature is located between the layers of the film, and its counterfeiting is extremely difficult and prohibitively expensive. In addition the plate includes a metallised holographic patch embedded into the retro-reflective film. The hologram is positioned under the top layer of the film and is reliably protected against both tamper and environmental factors. Most importantly, the hologram can be personalised by laser evaporation through the top layer of the film after the number-plate has been assembled, embossed and printed.

High-Security Windscreen Labels

Andrews & Wykeham offers two formats of highly secure windscreen labels, both utilizing the recent advances in high-security holography. A simpler and less expensive paper-based windscreen label is all-over holographic and can be infilled with the vehicle’s data using a standard office laser printer. The top-of the range PET-based holographic label offers enhanced security and functionality. The holographic label, which is fully tamper-proof, is infilled in a thermal-transfer printer to enable convenient one by one personalisation. An advantage of the PET label is that it offers a perfect carrier for RFID technology. A long-distance contactless RFID can be included in the windscreen label providing machine-readable functionality such as vehicle identification, toll payments and access control. Andrews & Wykeham can provide a custom-designed vehicle ID system handling windscreen label issue, vehicle identification and monitoring and additional functions such as vehicle access control.

Driving Licences and Vehicle Registration Documents

Andrews & Wykeham offers driving license and vehicle registration documents (VRD) system solutions based on various plastic card formats tailored to the local conditions and requirements in territory. A range of security materials and technologies can be used to create an optimal document format to suit the customer’s needs. Our driving license and VRD issue systems utilize the most advanced information technology and information security solutions including the electronic digital signature (EDS). These systems include facilities for customer enrollment, capture of biometric data, card personalisation, driver and vehicle information checks by the law enforcement officers in the filed, recording of vehicle ownership changes (in case of the VRD) and optionally additional functions such as traffic offence monitoring.