Personal Identification Products

Andrews & Wykeham supply security components for passports and ID cards and also complete entry visa solutions.

Passport Laminates and ID Card Pouches

These laminates have a sandwich construction with hard-wearing polyester as a base and polyethylene, which melts with heat, providing permanent adhesion to the passport page or card core. Required mostly where a stick-on photograph is used on the document, these laminates combine holographic images and security print features (visible print, UV fluorescent prints, IR inks), thus enhancing tamper-evidence. Passport laminates are supplied in a variety of gauges and formats (such as reels, two-up sheets, and singles). Lamination pouches, also PET/PE in construction, are used for laminating paper or teslin-based ID cards, driving licences and other ID documents.

Passport Overlays (transfer films)

An overlay is a product constructed in such a way that polyester carrier is removed after lamination leaving a layer of very thin (normally 6-10 microns) durable lacquer on the passport page. Ideal where digital photographs and digital data infilling are used, an overlay provides an extremely tamper-proof solution, as lacquer tends to disintegrate under most forms of attack and so cannot be re-used to cover fraudulently altered personal data. Enhanced by holographic and colourswitch images, security print features (visible print including OVI, UV fluorescent prints, IR inks) and also numbering and bar-codes for audit purpose, overlays are a very secure way to protect the passport page. They are supplied in a variety of formats to suit various types of personalisation and lamination machinery (reels, two-up sheets, A4 and so on), on paper backing or without.

ID Card Laminates and Overlays

Transparent laminates and overlays (transfer films) are used to protect personal data on PVC-based plastic cards from fraudulent alteration. Their security enhanced by holographic images and security print features, these products are normally supplied in reel-form and are laminated to the card in roller-based laminators forming part of card personalisation lines. While laminates with their durable PET layer are more hard-wearing and are used for longer-life cards, overlays have better tamper-resistance and can be overlaminated with additional plain (non-security) laminates to enhance durability where required.

Holograms for Polycarbonate Cards

Polycarbonate has won recognition as a material for ID cards and passport datapages owing to both its high durability and the fact that it enables very secure laser personalisation. Secure personalisation does not mean, though, that the card or data page does not need additional counterfeit protection or that personal data does not need surface protection from fraudulent alteration attempts. Holographic foil patches, metallised or HRI (transparent), dramatically enhance the security of the polycarbonate datapage or card by adding a conspicuous and secure visual authentication device, in the case of HRI also with data protection capability.

Visa Labels

We supply complete ICAO-compatible machine-readable self-adhesive visa labels. Manufactured to the strictest standards of security printing, these labels combine the overt and covert features of special paper (fibres, other inclusions, high-performance adhesives), security print features including intaglio, OVI, UV and IR fluorescent features, holograms and secure numbering. Suitable for different methods of infilling personal data (laser printers, inkjet, dot-matrix), and supplied in a variety of formats, visa labels can be integrated with any existing or projected issuing system.