Document Security

Andrews & Wykeham supply security components for banknotes, excise stamps, forms, certificates and more!

Holographic and Colourswitch Foils

Holograms and colour-switch foils have long been a requirement on a variety of government documents (banknotes, excise stamps, forms and certificates) as valuable overt/covert security elements. Andrews & Wykeham supply colourswitch, holographic and combined security foils for document authentication. Our foils ensure quick and reliable application on most types of hot-stamping machinery, both as stripe and patch, wallpaper or registered. High-resolution holographic images include overt, covert and forensic features, including our highly secure White™ achromatic kinetic elements. Foils are available in metallised (aluminium and copper), HRI (high-refractive index) transparent and colourswitch ranges and can include precise-register demetallisation.

Signature Protection Labels

Protecting an authorised signature on a document such as a power of attorney, transfer form or title certificate is important for preventing document fraud. A frangible HRI (high-refractive index) or partially-demetallised holographic label applied over a signature reliably protects the genuine signature from fraudulent alteration. Our signature protection labels include sophisticated holographic images, detector-readable moiré coding and hi-tech sequential numbering and barcodes applied using Nd: YAG laser etching technology. These labels can also be used for protecting other sensitive data, such as dates and amounts on financial documents and contracts.