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Personal Identification

Security components for PVC and PET-G cards

While hot-stamped metallised holographic foils are used to protect PVC and PET-G cards from counterfeit, transparent patch laminates and overlays (transfer films) secure personal data against fraudulent alteration.

Incorporating holographic images and security print features, these products are normally supplied in reel-form and are laminated to the card in roller-based printer-laminators. While patch laminates with their durable PET layer are more hard-wearing, overlays have better tamper-resistance.

We also provide holographic inlays for embedding into PVC/PET-G cards and PVC based ISE (Integrated Surface Elements).

Securitised with either an HRI (high refractive index) or demetallised Synthegram®, the PVC-based ISE is applied as the top layer of the card during the standard card lamination process and provides security images all over the document.

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