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Personal Identification

Passport overlays (transfer films)

An overlay is a product constructed in such a way that polyester carrier is removed after lamination, leaving a layer of very thin and durable holographic lacquer on the passport datapage. An ICAO-approved global standard for paper passport data pages, an overlay provides an extremely tamper-proof solution.

Enhanced by holographic images, demetallisation, security print features, and also using numbering and bar-codes for the purposes of issuer audit, overlays are a highly secure way to protect the passport page. They are supplied in a variety of formats to suit various types of personalisation and lamination machinery (reels, two-up sheets, singles etc.), on paper backing or without.

Our overlays are compatible with standard inkjet infilling on the passport page but, if required, can themselves be personalised with inkjet or laser printing or even laser engraving.

The security of the overlay can be further enhanced with our Macroshapes™ technology package, designed to enable instant authentication by border officers. It is a combination of methods allowing the integration of complex shapes, apertures and surface effects within a passport overlay.

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