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Personal Identification

Passport laminators

U-PLATE™ is a universal platen (flatbed) laminator for passports with paper datapages, purpose-designed by Andrews & Wykeham. This compact desktop laminator offers significant advantages compared to traditional roller-based laminators owing to its high lamination pressure and a uniform heating pattern.

It is optimised for laminating e-passports and works with reel-form, sewn-in and single overlays. Versions with both portrait and landscape booklet feeds are available, as is an optional RFID card key for auditing purposes.

U-PLATE™ MINI is a lighter, simpler and highly cost-effective version of the U-PLATE™ laminator working with sewn-in and single overlays.

U-PLATE™ 90 is a heavy-duty version of the laminator able to process wide-edge-leading overlay reels.

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