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Personal Identification


HybrID™ is a pioneering passport datapage protection solution from Andrews & Wykeham. HybrID™ combines the benefits of polycarbonate, full-face holography and security paper in one integral construction, ensuring unparalleled passport security at a lower cost compared to a 100% polycarbonate datapage.

Two thin layers of polycarbonate, embossed with high-security Synthegram® optically variable microstructures, are heat-laminated in a single process to the two sides of the paper datapage, which has been pre-personalised with a colour photo and optionally some alphanumeric data.

The process results in a sandwich construction: polycarbonate – paper – polycarbonate. The front-of-page polycarbonate layer of the HybrID™ construction is then post-personalised by laser engraving with the ghost image and remaining black-and-white alphanumeric data.

This multi-layer, dual-technology approach to personalisation ensures superior resistance to the alteration of the bearer’s data.

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